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Letter from ACHES-MC to Researchers
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Endorsement by Mike Coyle, MindNet

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Letter to Researchers from
Advocacy Committee for Human
Experimentation Survivors - Mind Control

06 October 1996

ACHES-MC (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors - Mind Control) has been formed to assist survivors of unconsentual federally funded mind control experimentation as children or adults.

As a researcher engaged in documentation and investigation on behalf of victims of covert mind control experimentation and torture, we ask for your endorsement of the following ACHES-MC goals:

  1. The declassification of all government files, documents, tapes, or other records of any nature related to or connected with programs of mind control research and operations, and the prosecution of any person who has at any time engaged in criminal conduct related to such research or operations.
  2. To demand a Presidential hearing to:
    1. Identify all U.S. government sponsored research programs and operations involving covert mind control experimentation, both inside and outside of the United States.
    2. Determine the federal government's responsibilities (legal, moral and ethical) for wrongs and harms done to human subjects as a result of the mind control experiments and operational use of methods and technology developed from those experiments on both children and adults from 1945 to the present.
    3. Determine appropriate remedies for those subjects who have been found to be physically or psychologically wronged or harmed.
    4. Study past and present research standards and and practices to develop and implement standards and practices that would immediately stop current abuses and place a complete moratorium on human mind control experimentation and covert mind control operations.

Researchers who wish to join the ACHES-MC effort are asked to contact us at one of the addresses below, and make a concise statement regarding your reason (ie. briefly describe your investigative focus).

We will also be contacting survivors, therapists, human rights organizations, professional associations, labour and lobby groups, etc. for their support, involvement and commitment to the goals of ACHES-MC. It is essential, however, that we reach as many researchers as possible in order to develop a formal submission procedure for a Presidential Hearing.

USA Contact:

Patty Rehn
#131-972 NE 3rd St.
Bend Oregon 97701
(541) 388-5068

Canadian Contact:

Lynne Moss-Sharman :
230 Miles St. E. #3
Thunder Bay Ont.
P7 1J6

Inmate/Ex Inmate Contact:

Vern Mulka


ACHES-MC Endorsement
by Mike Coyle

19 September 1996

Your organization has asked me to endorse the goals defined for the ACHES-MC organization.

I am honored and glad to give your organization my unconditional endorsement. My reason for joining you in this effort is my firm belief that authorities who are elected, appointed, or employed to represent the interests of United States citizens must be held accountable to the laws that govern all citizens when their actions violate the human rights of any citizen regardless if these actions are said to be in the interest of national security.

To allow such actions under the guise of national security ultimately creates a two tiered society in which some citizens have more rights than others by being above the law, and in a very real sense, creates a secret government, a cryptocracy unaccountable to the original source of any government's authority, the sovereign citizen.

I wish you success in your endeavor to redress -- and put an end to -- this country's sad and documented history of egregious violations of human rights regarding nonconsentual human experimentation in connection with the covert development of mind control methods and technologies.

Thank you for having the courage and determination to initiate this action.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Coyle
Editor, MindNet Journal



The ACHES-MC Web Site is at a new location:

[It has been greatly updated since this page was created.]

To quote it:

We represent the North American survivors of non-consentual  federally-funded mind control experimentation. Since 1945, hundreds, if  not thousands of American and Canadian victims (primarily female)  have been physically and sexually tortured, locked in cages, sadistically  brainwashed with electricity, drugs and experimental military  technologies, and programmed to perform specific tasks including crimes.

This new site has a page on contacting them for developing a program against the tortures. Presently (10-96) the link is "ACHES-MC" and is near the bottom of the home page.

You can email, snail-mail, or telephone ACHES-MC:

(USA Contact) Blanche Chavoustie
PO Box 108
Syosset N.Y. 11791
(516) 367-6790

(Canada Contact) Lynne Moss-Sharman
2-369 Pearl St.
Thunder Bay Ontario P7B 1E9
(807) 344-8905


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