Feds investigate child porn on P2P networks - 65 arrests, 1,000 cases
announced 5/14/04 AP Washington "A nationwide probe into child
pornography trafficking using Internet file-sharing networks has
resulted in 1,000 investigations and at least 65 arrests, federal
officials announced Friday. The broader investigation centers on the
growing use of "peer-to-peer," or P2P, networks that allow users to
connect computers directly with one another to exchange files
rather than using traditional Internet servers that are easier
to track."


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pornography case -

Responding to a motion by Stephen W. Thompson's lawyers, a U.S.
prosecutor defended the seizure of a "monstrous" cache from the
EX-JUDGE'S Shore home. By John Shiffman Inquirer Staff Writer
5/13/04 Camden

"A federal prosecutor said yesterday that a "monstrous collection" of
child pornography kept by a former state Superior Court judge had been
lawfully seized from his Shore home. In a legal filing, the prosecutor
said Stephen W. Thompson's cache of child pornography included
"thousands of images of naked or partially naked children engaged in
sexually explicit conduct." At one point, the judge kept 20 such images
on the laptop computer he used on the bench in Camden County, according
to Assistant U.S. Attorney Diana Carrig. From the desktop in his
chambers, Carrig said, Thompson e-mailed a Web site that sold child
pornography and downloaded information from a "travel sex guide" site.

Thompson is charged with possession of child pornography and traveling
to Russia to videotape himself having sex with a teenage boy."