A Rare Event: Tom Bearden Talks About Weaponry
May, 16, 1997.

"I promised Zoh some years ago that I would come on her show and I
would talk about weaponry and I'm fulfilling that promise today."

One of the greatest man-induced dangers we face as a planet today
is the development of electromagnetic frequencies to be used as
wave warfare. In April of 1997 Secretary of Defense William Cohen
admitted he was concerned about threats of terrorism with weapons
that can cause earthquakes and trigger volcanoes.

Over the years we have shared with our audiences many different
approaches to the subject of quantum mechanics, the work of Nikola
Tesla, the concerns about ELF wave warfare, mind control, and other
technological nightmares predicted by the misuse of these
technologies. Investigators and researchers in these areas often
refuse to speak publicly about their work, and usually Lt.Colonel
Tom Bearden is one of   them.

When asked, Bearden typically declines to share his knowledge about
our government's involvement in behavioral weaponry, lecturing
instead on the many other facets in his amazing repertoire. Indeed,
there are other lecturers speaking publicly about behavioral
weaponry, but often they are sent by the government to assure the
public this stuff doesn't go on.

But on May 16, 1997, however, Tom Bearden kept his promise, and
agreed to be a guest on The Zoh Show and tell her audience what he
knows about electromagnetic weaponry. Zoh recalled meeting
Christopher Bird for the first time in December 1977. The co-author
of the classic, The Secret Life of Plants, Chris Bird eventually
became the best man at the wedding of Dr. Bob and Zoh (see
Hieronimus & Co.  Newsletter #6), and at that first meeting Chris
noted Zoh's interest in learning how frequencies are capable of
changing consciousness, healing and harming. Chris said, "You must
speak to my good friend Tom Bearden." Tom and Zoh briefly discussed
his work in weaponry, with a promise to go into more details at
their next meeting.  Since then, he has discontinued public
speaking about his knowledge, until this date, twenty years later,
on May 16, 1997 when he joined The Zoh Show to help promote the New
Energy Conference of May 1997, and fulfill his twenty year old

Zoh asked Tom to give his own rendition of his biography and he
modestly summarized his extraordinary background like this:

"Well, in all these matters, Zoh, you've got to keep your sense of
humor. I started out to be a country & western guitar picker and
singer and followed that trade until I wound up in the U.S. Army. I
had an Army career, I'm retired of course, then worked in aerospace
for 19 years. That's basically my background. Masters Degree in
Nuclear Engineering, B.S. degree in mathematics, some other courses
here and there, and the equivalent of a Masters Degree in Aerospace
Engineering from a special Army course. I got concerned early on
looking at electromagnetics," when he realized text book teachings
were antiquated in the teachings and concept of energy.  "It was
all twisted up, and it is to this day, and I'm not the only one who
says that.  Some of the very famous foundation's physicists have
pointed out that electrodynamics should be completely redone, but
it's fashionable to never pay attention to that." Tom says he got
concerned because it appeared to him that if the errors were
corrected, "you could also model the mind," he continues. "I've
always been convinced that we are human beings. We are not meat
computers and we are not machines. If we lose sight of the fact of
our humanity and our human beingness, the rest of it doesn't matter
anyway. If we are nothing but a bunch of robots beating one
another's brains out then we would be better off to be destroyed
and populate the earth with real human beings.


"One of the things that I wanted to see was a science that was more
humane, that considered human beings as well as materialism.
Fortunately, quantum mechanics destroyed materialism about
sixty-something years ago but unfortunately it hasn't fallen down
yet. It's dead but it's not toppled over, and unfortunately most of
our scientists are still materialists," meaning they believe that
the brain is where all the action is. In their belief, he says,
"there's no such thing as an independent mind or independent spirit
or anything."

Tom is reluctant to discuss our military's involvement in
electromagnetic warfare because he doesn't want to be "gagged".
"First of all, as you can probably imagine, I've leaned over
backwards and stayed completely out of any room that had anything
to do with anything our own government might be doing or might not
be doing. The obvious reason is: everything I did had to be done
from open sources -- otherwise you just end up getting classified,
and gagged and shut up."


In general, however, Tom will say, "Most of our attention in the
west has been focused on what we call Directed Energy Weapons,
where we actually just bang the energy out in the normal fashion,
and we try to get lots of it out there, and we try to get it out in
a real dense clump and bang it with that. That's like a laser beam.
Or, in microwaves, hold a bunch of it together so that it gets hit
with a slug of energy. That's basically what kinds of weapons, the
west at least, overtly anyway, has been working on. In the KGB
laboratories, the cream of the non-linear scientists of the whole
world are the Russian scientists, always have been. Those folks
worked on this other stuff and they were working on it shortly
after the end of World War II. In 1947 they were working on it like
mad and so by 1950 they were testing prototype laboratory weapons.

Particularly by the latter 50s they actually had pretty good solid
weapons systems and prototype coming along. The first large
strategic weapons that they deployed, the real big monsters were
deployed in early 1963. The reason for the Cuban missile crisis
was: in backing Castro the Russians wanted to change the whole
balance of power and stick in nuclear weapons, but they also knew
they had these super weapons coming along. Kruschev had spoken of
those in 1960. Part of that was printed in the New York Times. And
so he went ahead and started sticking in the long range missiles
and the nuclear weapons and so forth. And they did put nuclear
weapons in Cuba in spite of the knowledge of our government in
those days. Later we found they really did. What [Kruschev] did was
he just sort of jumped the gun, because his big stuff was not
deployed yet, and when Kennedy called his bluff in 1962 he didn't
have the big guns behind him and his missiles were in woeful shape.
Kennedy knew that, courtesy of Colonel Penkovsky, a Soviet spy that
was in our employ at that time, courtesy of the British

Kennedy knew that as far as missiles and the normal stuff was
concerned, Kruschev was in terrible shape. So of course he got
caught with his pants down, so to speak, he didn't have the big
weapons to back himself up yet. BUT when he got them he negotiated
and blustered around long enough to get a promise out of Kennedy
not to attack Cuba so he could keep the base in Cuba. Then he vowed
revenge. When those things were deployed, of course, he had lost
face seriously before the whole world and particularly before the
Communist party. So Kruschev's days were numbered shortly after the
Cuban Missile Crisis. He was desperate to try and stay in power.


"...1962 was the Cuban Missile Crisis, as soon as those things got
deployed a few months later, in April 1963, he did a tremendous
dramatic test of the weaponry. First he killed the U.S.S. Thresher
underneath the ocean off the coast of the U.S., left signatures a
mile wide. The next day he placed an underwater burst of this
energy, gigantic burst 100 miles north of Puerto Rico, one of the
deepest parts of the oceans and we had a passing jet airliner which
happened to see the surface of the ocean ball up and rise up about
1/2 a mile high in a mushroom cloud and fall back into the ocean,
the symptoms of an underwater nuclear burst if you don't vent the
gas bubble.  We have a good pick point. My personal opinion is the
Russians were up to their neck in the death of Kennedy also, as was
apparently God and everybody else, too, but the thing is he did get
his revenge and he did demonstrate to the Communist party that the
weapons were workable and they would destroy, for example, the
finest attack submarine we had of the day."

"...In general there's a "system within the system" in Russia.
First of all you've got the Communist party which is really the
dominant system, and it still is today. It's sort of lying dormant
a little bit today, but not really. It still controls the KGB, and
the KGB still has all the powers that it wants to exercise. And it
always did control and have the development systems for the
advanced weapons of the kind that I was talking about, where you
use a different kind of electromagnetics. We pointed out that two
papers, one in 1903 and one in 1904 by E.T. Whittaker, give you the
way to go about constructing and using this new electromagnetics.


"...That last paper was used to establish what today is called
Super Potential Theory and very few people work in it but it's
known. The first paper was completely ignored and it gave you the
ability... to create energy at a distance. It does not flow through
space as normal EM [electro magnetic] Waves. It's not ELF
[extremely low frequency]. It's not like your normal radio
broadcasting system at all. It's really like a DC voltage that
doesn't have anything going on on the surface but down underneath
it has pressure waves, and the pressure waves bang into the system
on the other end and create real electromagnetic energy on that
end. Putting it simply... there's no such thing as a shield for it.
So obviously that kind of weaponry is head and shoulders above
anything else we normally look at including firing a laser beam
here at something up there, you know, and with it going through the
air in the normal fashion... What happens at the other end is the
energy rises directly as out of the local vacuum the actual space
time the thing's embedded in."


To define scalar energy, Tom drew an analogy. "Suppose you have an
ocean -- after all, we know today that space itself is a special
kind of ocean. It's filled with enormous flux activity. It's not an
emptiness at all, sort of like a special kind of sea or ocean. The
waves that you have on the surface where the water has to rear up,
be physically lifted up, and moved energetically, that compares to
a normal electromagnetic wave. Those waves move pretty slow on the
surface of the water.  Now underneath the water if you sort of had
a little flat plate area and you bang this plate very sharply with
a little shock wave, you get a pressure wave that goes through the

This pressure is just a transmission of pressure. Water's almost
incompressible or basically incompressible, so the pressure wave
goes very rapidly through the water at a tremendous rate. If you
bang together somewhere out in the distance a couple of these
pressure waves that come in from two different points and meet upon
an object, upon that object they then create all kinds of upheaval
waves and all kind of stuff you'd get on the surface. The object
can be in deep trouble very quickly, but when you look at it from
the surface kind of view you will see waves appear on it. It didn't
get there with surface waves transporting across and hitting it in
a normal fashion. It came in by the pressure waves underneath
slapping together and recreating the surface waves. And that's the
way we're talking about. In other words you have a hidden type of
wave that buries up to what we would say in space time, if you want
to talk general relativity, or better yet to look at it materially
the way that Whitaker did and so forth, it simply infolds inside
the scalar potential, what we normally call just DC voltage."


Working in scalar energy "can do a lot of good as well as a lot of
bad," says Tom Bearden. "Let's talk about some good and bad that
you can do in terms of human beings. First of all, a Russian
scientist named Kosnoschev who headed up a research institute in
Siberia in those days did some enormously important work.... As far
as everybody else was concerned [he demonstrated] openly just
normal electromagnetics -- but it wasn't. It was the special stuff.
He demonstrated that any kind of cellular disease whatsoever,
without limitation, can be captured and transmitted into other
cells at a distance using this special kind of electromagnetics.

They did about 18,000 experiments, and research institutes can
prove this. And so, of course, the KGB and so forth started
weaponising that effect very highly. You know for years [they used]
the so-called microwave radiation on the U.S. Embassy in Moscow
where they induced all kinds of health changes. This was a limited
test deliberately kept very small, although they did kill three


"...Wheeler, one of the great physicists of this country, pointed
out that if you condense energy like in mass or you have a cloth of
energy, that affects the actual fabric of space time itself. It's
like it pushes the sheet, makes a lump in it." Zoh likened it to
dropping a child's ball on his bed and the sheet gets a bump in it.
"It changes it," continued Tom. "It's an engine. In return the
geometry gets twisted up, interacts back on the mass. Mass tells
space time how to curve, space time curvature tells mass how to
move. This operates at all levels and all you have to do is capture
these little clumps of energy, make a pattern of them that you
need, and that's called engineering the vacuum. We just call it
vacuum engines.

"So you can make these little pockets of energy in the actual
vacuum itself and the emptiness in front of you, little energetic
dispositions. It's got forces in it once mass is put there. There
are little invisible fingers that are little engines and they work
on the mass. They work inside the nucleus. They work wherever you
design them for."

"...There's two kinds of frequency there. There's the frequency
that exists up on the surface of the ocean and then there are these
jillions of frequencies that are hidden down underneath the ocean.
Those are the ones that we're talking about." While Bearden and
other teams of scientists world over are trying to learn how to use
that available energy to heal and to change the disease state, it
can also be used to kill.


"It's the ultimate biological warfare, of course," continues Thomas
Bearden. "I'll say this flatly, and I won't answer any further
questions about it; the Gulf War Syndrome was induced... It was
induced with this stuff. All the rest... was contributing factors
that everybody's talking about. Yeah you had a little bit of nerve
gas released, yeah, you had some chemicals, yeah, you had this, but
not everybody got those exposures.  There are some deeper
signatures if you look into it very deeply that show you exactly
how it was done and the fact that it was induced. It was a test. It
was a test of a very special kind of weapon I have not talked about
yet. Anyway you can use it to create diseases.

Transforming Cells Forward Or Backward

"You can just as easily use it to cure diseases," continues
Bearden. For example there were experiments in France in the early
1960s when they cured lab animals of terminal tumors and other
vicious infections like the sleeping sickness using internal
electromagnetics -- without knowing what they were doing. The late
Christopher Bird wrote about the whole history of that project.
"But nobody could explain how it worked.... What they were able to
do was just back the cell up. Once the cell was infected or
diseased or whatever, like in a cancer cell, they just reversed it
back to a normal cell. They didn't kill the cell. That's not what
you do. You just change it back and forth." Nobel Prize nominee
Robert Becker also showed conclusively that extremely minute
amounts of electricity can induce healing, a practice now approved
by the FDA for use in healing bone fractures in hospitals
everywhere. Unfortunately millions of people continue to suffer
needlessly when electromagnetic healing could cure them of numerous
ailments and illnesses, but the FDA will has not approved its use

"The Russians looked at it you know, with an extremely large
research program," says Tom. "They not only looked at it but they
developed the heck out of it. So that's the problem. We just simply
can't get our own scientists to move off of square one....  There's
been absolutely no [development] in this country, even looking at
this internal electrodynamics, even though it's been in the hard
literature for almost a century."


"One problem is all science is patronized, that is, somebody has to
pay the freight, somebody has to pay the bills.... The bureaucracy
in science that controls the money flow, what money shall be spent
and what it shall be spent for controls all of science.  What
people do not realize is science is not free at all in this country
-- it is highly constricted. There are plenty of bright, young
Ph.D.s that would love to work on this kind of thing, but the
scientific community will not allow them because the bureaucracy
will not give them any funds. And if they try to work on their own
in this area they get destroyed, pure and simple.

"...The other thing is scientists like to glorify themselves, but
they form a distribution just like any other group of people. The
broad in the middle are people just like you and I doing a special
job. They're no better, no worse. There's a small percentage of
them that are angelic almost. They are really the epitome of the
scientists. There is also a small group on the bottom, the end of
it, the bottom 11% that are nearly devils, and they are
manipulative and they try to rise and control everything, and they
are interested only in the big money game, who's got the money, who

Governments of the world have been made beasts of burden for large
control interests anyway, not just one, but all kinds of control
interests. It's a DOGGONE cat and dog fight out there. And so what
you have is all these competing interests using power, influence
and money, and all buying everything. And that's what controls what
science works on. That's why you don't get free energy. Free energy
can be done anytime anybody wants to spend a little money. It's
slowly being done anyway."

Ltc. Tom Bearden knows a lot about electromagnetic theory,
over-unity electrical machines and free energy devices, but only on
The Zoh Show will you hear him talking about subjects he has
removed from his public speaking lectures: weapons that can trigger
earthquakes, cause volcanoes, disturb brain patterns and seed
thoughts in the populous. For copies of Thomas E. Bearden's
writings, The Excalibur Briefing, 1988 and 1990, and AIDS As
Biological Warfare, send an SASE to The Tesla Book Company, P.O.
Box 121873, Chula Vista, CA 91912. Tom Bearden is a frequent
speaker on new energy technologies. Video and audio tapes of his
presentations at the International Symposium on New Energy can be
ordered from Back Country Productions at 303-772-8358.