Anti Pedophile and Child Abuse Page

April 27, 2005

WHY does this web site have an anti pedophile and child abuse page?

Because there is, apparently, pointed out by some sample articles below, extensive corruption of public officials, who provide cover for organized pedophile rings.

The same mindset is a "natural fit" for public officials who cover up organized stalking and electronic harassment by ignoring complaints, ridiculing complainants, and shunting them off to the mental health system, where diagnoses are made without the slightest investigation into organized stalking and electronic harassment, a gross violation of basic human rights. Soviet-style "psychiatric justice."

We anti organized and electronic harassment activists don't have courtroom quality proof that the officials providing cover for organized pedophilia are name-by-name identical with those providing cover for vigilantism and electronic harassment. However, evidence from investigators and survivors of ritual abuse, pedophilic abuse, and child sex slavery, including the MKULTRA survivors, gives us confidence that this linkage is strong and will be provable at some point.

Here are some notable pedophilic and child abuse crimes we are aware of to date: