About "Street Theater"

February 24, 2005

While reading about street theater, be sure to see also:

David Lawson's investigation. David Lawson's books about his infiltration of "street theater" groups and learned a great deal of the workings and motives of these criminal groups.

COINTELPRO ... a series of covert crimes against dissenters of all stripes within the United States during the Cold War and extending to Viet Nam protesters and anti-racism elements. These crimes included infiltration of activist groups, and total destruction of lives and reputations, as well as property, by frequent break-ins. The FBI was the main perpetrator organization. COINTELPRO type activity is half of the non-electronic activity experienced by today's mind control targets, "street theater", explained below, being the other half.

"Street Theater" is a feature of the organized stalking with electronic harassment scene.

"Street theater" is activity performed by persons complicit in the electronic weapons harassment, but are "skits", as opposed to direct bodily attacks performed with the electronic harassment equipment.

These "skits" are designed to imitate "the breaks" of normal living. Additionally, they are performed in such a way that the target, and ONLY the target, knows they are being harassed, but cannot convey to others that this is indeed harassment. Feelings of total hoplessness, and that "everyone is against me" is one apparent purpose of these "skits".

(What is impossible to convey to people who are not targetted is that what is different about mind weapon research skits is QUANTITY. When you encounter "normal breaks of life" several times a day EVERY DAY, you are no longer talking about "normal". Several "breaks" a day, of a type which you might expect every couple of months, is not natural or random. But try explaining this to someone who is not targetted.)

Another apparent purpose of such "skits" is to discredit and isolate the target so that others will regard him or her as a "crank" and a "nut case" when the target complains.

Far from simple "pranks" or "practical jokes", these skits provide the mind weapon researchers with extremely good cover. If the target is ever coerced into contact with psychiatry, the psychiatrists' legal powers of imprisonment (without due process of law) dramatically increase and reinforce the isolation and labelling of the target.

Many people know in advance that what they are experiencing will discredit them, and will thus put off complaining about or often, even admitting to themselves that they are being targetted.

So although "street theater" seems to have a comedic ring to it, this component of organized stalking is one of the most serious forms of attack on individual targets and is perfect cover for the perpetrators. Read this essay on how incredibly EASY it can be to set up "perfect crime" street theater.

Street theater takes many diverse forms, and here are a few examples:

These are just some examples of "street theater". The number of variations on this "wear-you-down" activity seems unlimited, based on reports. Obviously the "researchers" put a great deal of priority and work on this aspect of their modern-day atrocities against humanity.

Interestingly, one target found that when she attached an 8.5" x 11" poster, referring viewers to an anti-organized stalking site, on her backpack, street theater in stores stopped instantly. This suggests that perpetrators detailed to operate in stores may have been told lies about the target, and that the supervisors may not want them to learn the full scope of the crime they are involved with.

Those targetted pray that the large number of targetted individuals we know are "out there" will eventually wake up and realize their quality of life is being stolen from them, and assist in exposing this thoroughly illegal activity.