Russian Federal Law on
Electromagnetic Weapons

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This is a Russian federal law, see isbn number below, and it establishes "the laws for the circulation of civilian and military weapons" including the "use of radio-active radiations and biological factors; -weapons and other objects, the affects of the operations of which are based on the use of electro- magnetic, light, thermal, infra-sonic or ultra-sonic radiations and which have [exiting ] parameters, exceeding the magnitude of established governmental standards of the Russian Federation and corresponding norms of Federal governmental organs in the area of the health department,"

Here is the whole law thanks to Emilia Cherkova and her human rights group in Russia. Translation by Ramon Ruelas.

Federal law "About Weapons" Cited in the edition of Federal Laws R.F. from 21.07.98 [1998] No. 117-F3, from 31.07.98 ['98] No. 156-F3, from 17.12.98 ['98] No. 187-F3, from 19.11.99 ['99] No. 194-F3 and from 10.04.2000 ['00] No. 52-F3, from 26.07.01 ['01] No. 103-F3 [Translator's note: this is the actual No., not 103-93] F32 Federal Law "About weapons". --4-e izd. --M.: "Os'-89", 2000. --page 32 (Actual law) ISBN 5-86894-393-7

Article 6. Essentially, establishing of the [laws for] the circulation of civilian and military weapons

Within the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited:

  1. the circulation of weapons, in a civilian and military capacity, weapons: of fire-arms of long-barrels with a magazine capacity (rounds) of more than 10 cartridges, having a barrel length, or a barrel length with casing of less than 500 mm. and normal-length weapons less than 800 mm, and also those having a construction which allow for making their lengths less than 800 mm and with which is not lost the possibility of the execution of firing [the weapons];
  2. the keeping of or the use of in a non-sporting situations, of objects and sporting fire-arms weapons with sawed-off barrels, or of sporting pneumatic weapons with a muzzle energy greater than 7.5 [Ddj] and a calibre greater than 4.5 mm, and also of sporting [weapons with] [condensed] breech- mechanism and missile weapons, with the exclusion of the keeping of and use of bows and cross-bows for the conducting of scientific-research and prophylactic [preventive] work connected with the immobilization and injecting of subjects of the animal world;
  3. the setting up of, by civilian and military, of weapons adapted for silent firing [aiming] (in firing facilities, ranges), and night vision sights, with the exclusion of sights for hunting, the periodic use of which are established by the Government of the Russian Federation, and also their sale;
  4. sending [forwarding] of weapons [by post];
  5. the carrying by a civilian of weapons when conducting meetings, street marches, demonstrations, picketing and other mass, public measures.
  6. the carrying by a civilian, for the purpose of self-defense, of long-barrel fire-arms weapons and condensed [shortened or sawed-off] weapons with the exclusion of the cases of transporting or conveying the indicated weapons;
  7. the sale, transfer, acquisition of weapons and cartridges [ammunition] for them, carried out only for exporting in correspondence with technical conditions of responding to the demands of a country-importer.

Translator's note: the [***] I could not find..

[Ddj] in 2) above --I think is joules (unit of work, energy), ---where our "J" is transliterated as "dj", so that [Jim = Djym]

Also: "[exiting] parameters" --I don't know what this refers to as I am not familiar with weapons, It may mean penetrating force through a specific material of a specific width., ..not sure..

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